Viennese Cáfes

Cafe Central

Coffee & cake are served in the baroque chambers of Palais Ferstel, located only 200 m from the Imperial Palace, in one of the noblest coffeehouses of Vienna.

Cafe Demel

In the bakery of the K.u K. (Imperial and Royal) Court Confectionary we can visit the chocolate museum after our coffee break.

Cafe Griensteidl

Located at the Michaeler Square in front of the Imperial Palace, the Griensteidl has been a popular meeting place already in the 19th century, among others for well-known Viennese authors. 

Cafe Sacher

Our guests can enjoy a piece of the original Sacher cake, accompanied by a cup of coffee in the cafe of the famous Hotel Sacher. From this place, the Sacher cake conquered the whole world.

Cafe Einstein

Located right beside the city hall, we can taste home made coffee specialities in this nostalgic coffeehouse. 

Cafe Sperl

Cafe Sperl has always been a favourite artists meeting point, located in the heart of Vienna. In the landmarked coffeehouse, our guests enjoy their coffee break in the original furniture from 1880.