Art & Culture I

Belvedere Gallery

Built by Prince Eugen, these two castle buildings – the upper and the lower Belvedere – show important art collections, especially famous are the pictures of Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele. 


Located at the Southern part of the Hofburg (Imperial Palace), it shows an impressive collection of graphics and famous international exhibitions.

Museum of fine arts

It was originally built in order to store the art collection of the Austrian emperors, and is today due to its important art selections, one of the most impressive museums in the world. 

Museum of nature

Insects, gemstones, as well as pterodactyls and the world famous „Venus of Willendorf“ offer a fascinating insight into the history of our earth and the diversity of our nature. 

Liechtenstein Museum

Beside the most important private collections of the world, we can see the famous Herkulessaal, which is the biggest secular baroque room of Vienna and is especially famous for its well known ceiling painting. 

Austrian national library

With almost 6 million collection objects it is the largest library of Austria. The baroque ceremonial room is one of the most impressive library rooms in the world.